Welcome to Centre For Environmental Citizenship Initiative, Ghana ( CECI, Ghana )

A civil society promoting environmental sustainability through education

Why we exist PURPOSE


To educate the general public on behaviour change communication, prevention and management campaigns in matters of sustainable environmental resources management, protection and development.


To empower Ghanaians on matters related to pro-environment values and actions.


To safeguard environmental protection rights, responsibilities and justice.

The good people behind Our Team

Executive Director
Administrative and Communications Officer
Finance Officer
Grants and Engagement Officer
Operations Manager

Our Affiliations

Shai Hills Institute for Environmental Education Limited, Ghana
Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana

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What we strive to achieve Our Goals

The primary goal is to promote the protection and improvement of the environment and natural resources of Ghana.

How we are Achieving our goals


Environmental information, education, communication and other activities

The Centre will gather, produce and distribute information about environmental problems in Ghana and propose constructive, realistic measures to address them.

The Centre will promote projects for environmental education and activities to raise public awareness at local or national levels both about environmental protection and the sustainable use of our natural resources.


Cooperation projects in the focused SDGs

The Centre will undertake programmes and field projects that will cover a wide range of issues relevant to environmental protection, nature conservation and sustainable development in Ghana.

These projects will serve the purpose of being:
  • pilot projects to demonstrate new or alternative approaches, ecologically sustainable technologies and solutions to various environmental problems
  • concrete educational projects and projects to raise public awareness at the local level.